Assessment Best Practice Series

Welcome to the 2019 Assessment Video Series by Thrive Education, let’s be realistic, training hasn’t changed that much, it’s about connecting with a learner, creating engagement, to impart skills and knowledge. However, when it comes to collecting evidence of assessment and competency, a lot of trainers can feel like the bar keeps shifting!

This short series of videos is designed to help you understand some current auditor interpretations as well as reflect on your own practices. There are 8 videos in the series, each under 10 minutes, you can watch them all together or chunk them into bite sized pieces.

Once you have completed the series, you need to complete a short assessment and then submit them to us via email at 

We will have one of our assessors mark them and then upload to your profile, within five (5) business days you will receive a Certificate of Completion, this counts towards your VET currency for Standards 1.13 & 1.16.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1 300 2 DEVELOP.