VET Practitioner Assessment

How do we create a world leading VET system? It starts with world class educators…  RTOs are the same, in order to be great, you have to have great trainer & assessors. But how do you know what your trainer & assessors know? 
The VET Practitioner Assessment™ (VPA) is an industry first service that allows you to assess and benchmark trainer & assessor competencies in real time. The VET Practitioner Assessment™ provides RTOs and Recruiters with absolute confidence across four key areas and three skill levels. The VET Practitioner Assessment is the ultimate VoC for VET.

What is the VPA?

The VET Practitioner Assessment has been developed based on the VET Practitioner Capability Framework, Standards for RTOs, Core Skills for Work Framework and TAE Training Package. Through a process of validated self assessment, we provide a report on the current knowledge and skills of the VET Practitioner across four key areas:

VET Practitioner Assessment Areas

What is a good score? 

As part of the report, each candidate is placed into one of three level, depending on the position and person the RTO is looking for, any of the three categories  may be appropriate. 

 What does it cost? 

The assessment, candidate consultation, report and manager consultation are provided for $159 plus GST. Where RTOs or businesses choose, they can purchase packs of 10 for $1400 plus GST. 






Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does it take? 

The entire process can be done in as little as a few hours, however, due to coordination, we generally recommend 5-7 days from when the candidate is provided with access to the LMS. 
When you sign up for the service, UTAE can provide you with a timeframe and can book candidates in for their post-assessment consultations generally within 3 business days. 
Please note that candidates will only have access to the LMS for two weeks, if a candidate has not completed the assessment within this time reactivation fees may apply. 

How long will I have access to the report for? 

 UTAE maintains all assessments, reports and records. As such, information can be provided to the RTO or business at any point in time. 

Can a candidate retake the test? 

No, the assessment has been designed to assess a candidates current knowledge, this is not something that Practitioners can cram for or retake until they are satisfied with the score. Additionally, validation consultations have a varied and randomised set of questions based on the candidates profile, qualifications, responses and the position. 
Where a candidate reapplies for another position several months after their initial assessment, this will be taken into account during the validation consultation to ensure authentic and valid responses. 

Does Understand TAE provide recruiting services? 

No, the VET Practitioner Assessment has been designed to support RTOs, Recruiters and VET Practitioners gauge their current knowledge and skills relevant to a range of well established industry frameworks. Through assessing current knowledge and skills, we aim to support Practitioners and RTOs in creating tailored and meaningful professional development for staff which contributes to the overall quality of the VET industry. We do not offer recruiting services but are happy to recommend VET recruiters who specialise in this area.