aXcelerate - Student Management System 

aXcelerate has joined with Thrive Education to provide us with the trainer management platform for the Trainer Development System, with a responsive and highly customisable Training Management System, aXcelerate has been the perfect platform and partner. aXcelerate provides software solutions for RTOs, training organisations, and enterprises. Our innovative student management system is run entirely from the cloud. The system intuitively handles all aspects of running an Australian training organisation and ensures that users are compliant with government standards such as AVETMISS and USI. For more information about aXcelerate, check out 


Australian Institute of Compliance Practitioners 

AICP is all about VET Compliance and Professional Development.   Our vision is an Australian VET sector beyond reproach and devoid of unethical and non-compliant practices.  We also recognise that this can only be achieved through ongoing training, education, learning and collaboration.

Our mission is to empower VET Compliance Practitioners with the required knowledge, skills and expertise to excel at their jobs, without any fear or apprehension of the outcome of a regulatory audit.

We will ensure that by 2019 no RTO has any reason to be vulnerable to any regulatory sanctions unless a conscious decision has been made not to invest in the ongoing learning of their compliance team members.

AICP will ensure that affordable learning is available to all VET Compliance Practitioners. This will be achieved by offering training in nationally accredited VET compliance qualifications, ongoing professional development and collaborative learning.

We will empower all VET Compliance Practitioners with the required knowledge and skills no RTO can afford for their compliance team members not to have.

Because knowledge is power.


Learner Friendly

At Learner Friendly, our mission is to empower trainers, facilitators and presenters with leading edge training technology and delivery strategies, allowing them to make learning experience more interesting, engaging, interactive and user friendly.

We provide consultancy, design and training expertise in the areas of:

  • Rapport & learner engagement,
  • Presentation, Training & Facilitation
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Instructional design

Everything that we do focuses on achieving our four core values: Connect, Communicate, Have Fun & Get It Done. We believe that regardless of the content, we can find the fun and create a profound learning experience for any audience.


RTO Doctor

At RTO Doctor we have over 30 years experience working in every facet of the education sector and we continue to grow our capability so that we have the right people to help you grow yours. If you are considering starting a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), need some help with auditing, rectification or just want someone available to answer your questions and provide you with guidance without the run around, RTO Doctor is your answer.

Although we may be based in Perth, our Consultants and Founding Director travel and work Australia wide and internationally. So whether you are in India, Malaysia, Singapore or China, bustling Sydney CBD, sunny Queensland, outback Alice Springs or west where we call home, we can help you with all your compliance, quality and educational needs.

RTO Doctor is an Australian owned company, registered with the Department of Commerce in Western Australia. RTO Doctor was born from the encouragement of many supporters in the international education industry across Australia who believed that there was a lack of quality Consultants available to assist providers in establishing, growing & managing their business.



VetPrep is renown for the utmost discretion and high-level rectification work we do for RTOs.  Defending your RTO's registration at Tribunal or the Supreme Court is a harrowing experience that no one should endure without specialist help. 

No one knows this journey better than us, and our expert team of compliance specialists will help you every step of the way. We specialise in this type of work; our reputation and stellar record for helping RTOs save their registrations speaks for itself.