Frequently Asked Questions for RTOs

Why wouldn't I just manage my trainers professional development on my own?

RTOs have a huge burden managing curriculum, administration, validation, finance. Often there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done as well as we want to. At Understand TAE we understand the pressures, rather than just offering a template and policy, we work with the RTO to take this worry away and manage the process for you. Regular calls to trainers, check ups on progress, updates to documentation, are all covered through the TDS. Best of all, you get a regular reports on where the trainer is at and how they are progressing forward, you can see their development. We focus our effort on staying ahead of the trend in just this area, meaning that you don't have to. This allows RTOs to focus on what they do best, providing quality service to their students and clients.

How much time do I the manager/owner have to invest?

In the beginning we will require a list of your trainers and all documentation that you have gathered to date. This generally takes a few hours to collate and share the information as well as providing introductions between your staff and our staff. We generally allocate one staff per ten trainers in the initial stage and then you will have one account manager moving forward. Ongoing we will provide reports on trainer progress and you will need to ensure that you are able to release your trainers on average for 1-2 hours per month to participate in professional development.

What happens if I have an audit, how do I get the information?

We enable one administrator per RTO to access the aXcelerate system, where all documentation is available anywhere, anytime from the cloud. This means you can guide auditors through any compliance-related information during an audit, directly within the system.

What happens if I get a non-compliance at audit in relation to my trainers?

Based on the non-compliances, we will work with you to rectify any gaps identified by the auditor that were not identified by Understand TAE. This system has been thoroughly vetted and feedback has been sought from a range of sources including regulators.

What happens if my trainers don't participate or if I can't release them for professional development?

We encourage all trainers to invest in their ongoing professional development as part of our service offering. Trainer’s participation is monitored and reported to the RTO on an ongoing basis. We will attempt to engage the trainer and work with the RTO to achieve the best possible professional development outcomes.

We understand that trainers are busy working with students, training, marking and validating. We’ve made all of our bite-sized sessions less than thirty minutes in duration with a short ten-minute assessment that can be accessed anytime.


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