Trainer Development System

At Thrive Education our core purpose is to contribute to the VET sector to help build the quality reputation of the industry. We do this through building the capacity of RTOs and VET Practitioners. The Trainer Development System ™ (TDS) is a first in VET - designed by trainers, for trainers, to build stronger, more capable trainers and assessors. By developing world class quality practitioners, we can contribute to developing world class quality RTOs and build back the reputation of Vocational Education and Training in Australia.

How does the TDS work?

Trainer Development System Process Flow

Stage 1- Initial Assessment

We work with the trainers and RTO to develop a complete Trainer Matrix and Trainer Proficiency Score which aligns to the VET Practitioner Capability Framework, Core Skills for Work Framework and new TAE training package. This assessment provides the RTO and Trainer with a profile of the Trainer’s strengths and weaknesses across four key areas - Facilitation (teaching/delivery), Assessment, Conscientiousness (knowledge of standards and systems) and Engagement (with Industry)/.

Stage 2- Professional Development Action Plan (PDAP)

Based on the goals of the trainer, the Trainer Proficiency Score and identified gaps in the matrix, we develop and document a tailored professional development plan which are supported through online or face to face professional development.

Stage 3- Ongoing Management

Thrive works directly with trainers to provide regular professional development and help practitioners reflect, improve and develop their practice. Additionally, all contacts, documents and professional development are stored and recorded through our SMS powered by aXcelerate. Quarterly reports are provided to the RTO on the Trainer’s progress so that both the trainer and RTO understanding how they are progressing on their professional development path.

Stage 4- Review and Continuous Improvement

We provide regular reports to the RTO on how Standards 1.13-1.16  are being managed and conduct annual reviews to evidence trainer development and proficiency. In case of an audit, all documents, pre-vetted, can be provided to the RTO within 48 hours, providing the trainer and RTO with complete peace of mind.

If you would like more information about the benefits of the TDS  and how we can work with you or your RTO to build your skills or the skills of your trainers, contact us today with the subject line Trainer Development System .


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