VET: An industry built on hope

Sometimes it can be easy for us to get swept up in the negative media, the issues, the problems, that we forget that our industry is one built on one fundamental concept: not yet... 

VET differs from its HE and school counterparts, we don't grade or rank our students, everyone achieves the same aim, and we accept that our students will take different paths to get there because there is rarely one starting point. Even from birth we are given different strengths, opportunities and challenges to overcome so what works for one, may not and often won't work for another, at least not at the same pace. 

That said, just because at the end of a term we haven't achieved a, b and c, doesn't mean the path has ended should end for us or that we have to start all over again, it just means we need to take a few more steps because we aren't there YET.

Think for a moment about the power of that word, YET.  There is no failure, no finality, just a goal post we haven't reached today, with the possibility left open to arrive there tomorrow. 

So the next time you induct a class, talk to them about their path, talk to them about the process and about how you will support them in their progress. Introduce them to the power of YET, because its a defining factor and one unique to VET.  

Bea Chambers
Bea Chambers