Beautiful reflections of 2014...2015 is the year of possibilities

2014 has been a huge year of changes for all of those in the VET sector and along with the abundance of changes and a raft of new legislation to take effect on January 1st, 2015 has been a lot of apprehension on behalf of providers. 2014 has also brought a range of, let's just say it, controversial and disappointing stories about VET to the front page of our local and national papers. Around the office and throughout many of the LI groups we have debated, discussed and yes sometimes, ranted about what has/is becoming of VET and moreover our society.

But we are approaching the holiday season and for those you who you know and follow me, know I aim to focus on the positive. This is a brief list of some of the amazing outcomes of 2014 and the reason why I have high hopes for 2015...

Inventions which will change the world, amongst some of the most brilliant inventions developed in 2014 included

This year also saw the accidental discovery of a potential game changing treatment for babies born with aids and 10 year-old Tanishq Abraham graduate high school with a 4.0GPA and aspirations of curing cancer.

Social media continued to allow us to see some of the most beautiful aspects of humanity. Amazing young Stephen used his last week of life terminally ill with cancer to raise hope for millions and millions for those most in need of hope, raising over $5 million for the Teenage Cancer Trust. If you have a few minutes a spare tissue I encourage you to go to

Random Acts of Kindness abounded if you kept your eye out for them

And Hero's came in all shapes and sizes

And only days ago when Australia was faced with the option of fear or fight as terror gripped Sydney, Sydney and Australians responded with #illridewithyou, sending a clear message that at the heart of all true Aussies beats a heart that is kind, generous and truly multicultural.

Looking for some positive stories about the impact of VET in our own backyard, the 2014 Australian Training Awards continued to highlight the importance of what we all do everyday and it's impact at an individual and societal level

While it can be so easy to get bogged down in the day to day, 2014 has been an incredible year and I look forward to reading and sharing so many more positive and inspiring news stories in 2015...

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and more to all of you and yours...


Bea Chambers
Bea Chambers